Toivo is a band from Trumansburg, N.Y. playing music for social dancing - waltzes, tangos, polkas, cajun two steps, cheek to cheek slow dances, schottisches, hambos, reels, swing, and blues. Their music is a danceable mix of instrumentals and vocals with inspiration from the cajun dance halls of Louisiana, the Tex-Mex borderlands, country honky-tonks, and the Finnish dance halls and porches of the Finger Lakes.

The band consists of Richard Koski, diatonic button accordion; Jason Koski, mandolin; Stefan Senders, banjo; Jim Reidy & Paul Martin, guitar; Harley Campbell, upright bass; and Annie Campbell, snare drum.

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Hector Hop

Bouncy tune written by Richard Koski.


Traditional Finnish tune.

Podunk Two-Step

Two-Step written by Richard Koski.

Rosa Anna, Asi Se Baila en Tejas

Tex-Mex medley. Asi Se Baila en Tejas ( This Is The Way They Dance In Texas ) is from Tony De La Rosa


Waltz written by Narciso Martinez

Photos of TOiVO

Randy Accordion Cookoff Agate Beach Bar & Lounge Barn Dance TOiVO Big Band at Grassroots 2017 Pourhouse Chalkboard Dancing at Corks & More Playing at Corks & More Cornell Casual Old Time Fiddlers Gathering Finnish glasses Harlie & Annie
Harley on bass Kokko before Laughing Shoe CD Cover A Memorial Poster from the Newfield Concert TOiVO posed 2017 Band Portrait Posed at the Pourhouse At the Pourhouse At the Pourhouse
Rich with accordion Rich through the glass At the Rongovian Embassy Serious UP Stefan & Rich with kokko Stefan on triangle Streeeeetch Stripes on the balcony Stripes in the john Stripes preparing to play Sunlit Rich
TOiVO the Conservatory TOiVO Conservatory Poster TOiVO Conservatory Poster 2014 TOiVO Conservatory Poster 2017 TCFA Poster Spring 2018 Boys from Toivola TOiVO with Randy

TOiVO Band Members

Photo by Jason Koski
  • Richard Koski leader, button accordion, and vocals
I started out as a trumpet player, went to the U.S. Navy School of Music in 1961, and played in concert and swing dance bands in Washington, D.C., Kodiak, Alaska, and Seattle, Washington. After three years of that, I returned home to the Trumansburg area, and began playing accordion and... more...

Photo by Harley Campbell
  • Annie Campbell artist and snare drum
I have two regrets in life – I didn’t learn to play an instrument, and I didn’t learn many different languages when I was young and my brain quickly absorbed the things that interested me. My parents would have gladly paid for lessons, but I never asked them. In my... more...

Photo by Jason Koski
  • Harley Campbell string bass and vocals
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Photo by Jason Koski
  • Jason Koski posters, photographer, and mandolin
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Photo by Jason Koski
  • Paul Martin guitar and vocals
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Photo by Janet Cotraccia
  • James Reidy website, guitar, and vocals
I started playing banjo uke with the Boston old time band The Chicken Chokers in 1989. On through the years with old time music: The Primitive Characters, Up South, Long John and the Tights, and now New Cut Road. Then there were the other genres: psychobilly with Twang, blues with... more...

Photo by Q Cassetti
  • Stefan Senders guitar, banjo, and vocals
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TOiVO Contact

Contact TOiVO through this email address.